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Hi, I'm Hans, and I'm a Creative Director.

About me

A Creative Director, a Creative Strategist and a Behavioural Scientist walk into a bar...

I’m Hans, and I’m a Creative Director and -Strategist with 25+ years experience, and a background in Art Direction, Digital, and Film. I see myself as a strategic creative, thriving at the intersection of creativity, strategy, and technology, with a strong foundation in Behavioural Science, which I lecture and teach as well.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with a wide range of fields, and my primary focus in complex areas like B2B, Health & Pharma, Engineering, Science, Finance, or Tobacco.

In addition to that, my experience as web designer and fullstack php developer enable me to foresee and avoid potential pitfalls at later stages of digital production, and result in solutions that are optimised on all levels – strategic, tactical and operational.

Last but not least, I’m an Austrian expat with 20+ years in Denmark. I’m fluent in Danish, native-bilingual in English and German, plus highschool-level Italian and French (and enough Swedish and Norwegian to watch their TV shows).

Hans pairs highly skilled creative thinking and execution with a deep understanding of behavioural science.

Get in touch

Anything I can help you with?

Call or text me at +45 26 11 88 22, or send an email.

Hans K. Froschauer
Copenhagen, DK
CVR DK-44298961